Hi! My name is Dylon North, I am a photographer/videographer located in Burlington, ON, Canada.

I'm Burlington born and raised, having lived both up and downtown. I have been in this industry since 2018, trained by some of the best professionals in the area. 

I photograph food and beverage a well as concerts and music based promotional ads. These have always been my two biggest interests in photography. When I was in my teens I became very ill with an un-diagnosed fructose intolerance. This would continue to go on for 2 years where I had to eat plain chicken, rice and spinach with no seasoning... I am now, thankfully, able to eat with a completely regular diet, but during all that I truly realized what makes food unique, what makes experiences special, and how both the things we do and the things we are presented with have an impact on our mentality. 

From this, I just fell in love with experiences. I love picking out all the ingredients from food and making them known on a plate, showing off what makes them special. And I cannot get enough of music, the meaning and feeling behind different types of it.  

When it comes to photography, pick a photographer who can capture the feeling your experience gives to the individual.